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|audio demo|

Modebeats is a special "modal synthesis" groovebox with 4 separate tracks. A very wide range of metallic sounds are generated by 4 modal synthesizers, like particular hit hats, kicks, bells and many others with unusual harmonic contents.

The generator section contains a graphical visualization of the modal parameters. Inside, there are two indicators to set the minimum and maximum range of frequencies to be generated. New sounds are generated randomly by the big "generate" button (or everytime you move the range indicators). The new generated parameters are: frequency, amplitude and resonance for each mode.
By clicking the "amp/res" switch, the visualization panel changes from amplitudes to resonaces view.

The maximum number of "modes" for each synth is of 50. Number of modes are decided by the "+ - " knob:

There are also two addictional "random" buttons that are useful to generate separately different resonances and amplitudes without changing modal frequencies. Resonances section contains a special function to insert randomly big peaks of resonance (on/off button), and a knob to change the maximum number of peaks.


Sequencer section contain the velocity/gate sequencer and also 3 others sequencers to control the "attack" of the exciter, the "decay" of resonances, and the "pitch".

Global Global section contains a general random button, and 5 little buttons:

A = amplitude
D = decay
P = pitch
G = sound generator
S = gate / velocities

Only those parameters selected by the 5 buttons are affected by the general randomization.