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Rectangler v1.0

|audio demo|

Rectangler simulates the modes of vibration of a rectangular membrane, with boundary conditions.

The lowest mode is the fundamental frequency of the membrane. You can set it by the f-pitch knob (and f-fine knob):

You can set a maximum number of 100 modes (10x10). This value can be increased changing the number of voice of the instrument and changing the maximum value of modes knob.

When a membrane is vibrating more than one mode is present at once. For eg.: striking the membrane in the center we will excite the modes 1,1 - 1,3 - 3,1 and all odd modes. Changing the position of the pointer you will hear different modes of vibration.
The d-range knob define an area of pluck: every time you hit the membrane, the pointer change position randomly inside this area:

Clicking the red button you can set a start and an end position of the pointer, modulated by the mod knob, or by a modulation wheel of an external keyboard.

The length of the membrane is defined by four knobs: Lx, Ly, x-fine and y-fine:

The excitation section contains 5 kind of interaction:

- pluck/strike
- bow
- fan
- bounce
- external