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|audio demo|

Rhythmicon is a simulation of the omonimus vintage electronic instrument built in 1931 by Leon Theremin for Henry Cowell.
It generate rhythmic beats according to the intervals of the harmonic series. For every one beat of the fundamental, the second overtone beat twice, the third three times, and so on, through the 16th harmonic. The 17th key add a syncopating beat in the middle of the measure.
The rhythmic pattern of the original instrument being generated from rotating disks interupting light beams that triggered photo-electric cells. The performer could play with a 17 notes keyboard and change the tempo and the pitch with foot pedals.

The rhythmicon ensemble can be played with his internal 17 keys keyboard or with an external midi keyboard (midi range from C1 to E2)
The 17th key (or E2) add a syncopated sound at the second beat of the measure.

The "int/ext" button allow to choose the internal or external clock. The internal clock speed is regulated by a potentiometer. It's also possible to set the time resolution (eg: 8, 16, 32..)

The fundamental frequency is selected by a potentiometer and assigned to the first button of the internal keyboard, and to C2 of an external midi keyboard.

sine, saw, triangle, square

TRIG: simple notes triggering
HOLD: one trigger to activate notes, and a second trigger to deactivate