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Here are info about some reaktor ensembles that I have built.

eQutter v1.0

Equtter is a total rebuilt and more accurate version of "random cuts" (downloadable at NI user library). It is a simple but unique fx ensemble. Signal is splitted in three frequency bands and than switched randomly on and off indipendently for each band. Bands are assigned by three knobs: center frequency, range and resonance. The "rand Q" knob randomly move up and down the choosen ranges of frequencies. The speed of the signal switching is regulated by the "speed" knob. A smooth knob permit to eliminate unwanted clicks.
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download (available also on-line at Ni user library )

Variations II

This is one of the many ways to get the score of Variations II by John Cage (1961). Parameters are determined by making perpendicular measurements from the points to each line. A set of thirty measurements can be made from a single reading of all the parameters.

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download (available also on-line at Ni user library )

LPC Vocoder

LPC Vocoder use the "Linear Predictive Coding" that is one of the most powerful speech analysis and synthesis techniques.
It analyzes the speech signal in real-time by estimating the formants, removing their effects from the speech signal, and estimating the intensity and frequency of the remaining sound.

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Collider v1.0

Very realistic synthesis of shakers, rattles, and wind chimes.
Snapshots includes maracas, tambourines, cabasas, egg shakers, bamboo wind chimes, sleigh bells, rain sticks, cocoa bean rattles and many more.

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RHYTHMICON is a simulation of the omonimus vintage electronic instrument built in 1931 by Leon Theremin for Henry Cowell.
It generate rhythmic beats according to the intervals of the harmonic series. For every one beat of the fundamental, the second overtone beat twice, the third three times, and so on, through the 16th harmonic. The 17th key add a syncopating beat in the middle of the measure.
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Modebeats is a special "modal synthesis" groovebox with 4 separate tracks.
A very wide range of metallic sounds are generated by 4 modal synthesizers, like strange particular hit hats, kicks, bells and many others with unusual harmonic contents. The maximum number of "modes" for each synth is 50

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Rectangler v1.0

A rectangular membranes synthesizer. It simulates the modes of vibration of a rectangular membrane, with boundary conditions. The lowest mode is the fundamental frequency of the membrane. You can set a maximum number of 100 modes (10x10). Changing the position of the pointer you will hear different modes of vibration at once.
For eg.: striking the membrane in the center we will excite the modes 1,1 - 1,3 - 3,1 and all odd modes.
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Moody v1.0

Moody is a sound generator that use the modal synthesis method to obtain very stiff systems, like metal or wood bars, plates, membranes, and an infinite range of percussions.
It use resonant filters to obtain the modes of a sound. The total number of filters depend on the voices setting and by the speed of the computer.

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The Ondium ensemble simulate some of the typical sounds of an Ondes Martenot, invented by Maurice Martenot in 1928. The special speakers of the original instrument are simulated by physical modeling technique.
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